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2024 Agenda & Topics


8:15-8:45AM          Registration

9:00-9:15AM          Introduction and LEAP Scholarship Presentation

9:15-10:15AM        Opening Keynote: Alan Fine

10:15-10:30AM      Break

10:30-12:00PM       Breakout Sessions with Connie Stopher and West Taylor

12:00-1:00PM         Lunch

1:00-2:00PM           Workshop with April Kotter

2:00-2:15PM           Break          

2:15-3:45PM           Breakout Sessions with Connie Stopher and West Taylor

3:45-4:00PM           Break

4:00-5:00PM           Closing Keynote: Greg Schwem

5:00-6:00PM           Closing Remarks, Cocktails, and Raffle Drawing


Explore Our 2024 Summit Sessions

alan_fine_headshot square_edited.jpg

You Already Know

How To Be Great

Keys To Unlocking Results: Faith, Fire, and Focus

Humor is Serious Business, But We Should Still Be Laughing

Most people who want to get better—at managing employees, collaborating with clients, delivering presentations, or any other field of endeavor—seek out new information, more knowledge. They read a book, take a class, or hire an expert tutor. But as Alan Fine has learned from years of coaching athletes, musicians and business executives, this “outside-in” approach often doesn’t produce the results people want. More “knowledge” becomes a distraction rather than a solution, and high performance remains elusive. 


Fortunately, there is a better way. Alan has identified three elements at the very heart of performance: Faith, Fire and Focus.  When any one of these elements is blocked, no amount of effort or knowledge will create anything near top performance.  But when these elements are released, high performance comes naturally and quickly.  Unblocking or reducing interference to these elements is the least recognized, but most effective way to experience performance breakthroughs. 


During this session, participants will discover how Faith, Fire, and Focus influence performance and will learn a simple, repeatable process to reduce interference that stifles creativity and hinders performance—a process that unblocks breakthrough performance for themselves and those they influence.  Alan Fine will share his experiences with top athletes and influential business executives and how his unique “inside-out” approach to performance improvement has been successfully applied to individuals, teams and organizations.  

A new framework for coaching, the GROW Model is a map of human decision making. It provides a simple way to create Focus, reduce interference, and improve performance in any area of life. The vital roles of Faith, Fire, and Knowledge as well as Focus in top performance place that performance wheel at the very center of the GROW process.

Making an effective decision and creating an action plan to get us where we need to go goes through four phases: Goal, or what do we want to do, Reality or the circumstances we’re dealing with (or how we perceive them), Options of how we might move from our Reality to our Goal and Way Forward or the action we want to take. The GROW model structures a coaching conversation to cover each of those topics.

Perfect for any group that needs a humorous break from the serious side of business., live or virtually. Despite its therapeutic qualities, laughter is often absent from the business environment.  Greg shows it is possible to laugh at work and about work, via a clean and heavily customized presentation.  Audience members will put down their phones and laugh along with Greg as he good-naturedly discusses topics such as virtual meetings, business travel, “frequently” asked questions, and how everyone coped during a two-year lockdown. A leading financial software meeting planner remarked, after seeing Greg’s presentation, “I realize now we need to lighten up.”

west taylor.jpg

The Science of Achieving Your Dreams

Why do some people achieve their dreams and others don’t? Learn the science behind why some of us hold ourselves back from opportunities, and never check off our bucket list, and how you can change course and finally start living the life you imagine. In this breakout, you’ll work to identify personal and professional goals, the roadblocks keeping you from achieving them, and the actionable steps that you can put into place to not only live the life of your dreams but be a leader who enables your family and coworkers to as well.

Wild Mustangs

You will easily experience what your autonomic system looks and acts like through the coaching lessons with the horse.

The horse teaches that it is a neuro chemical change that is required within the body that will change how we feel and believe about ourselves, about our relationship to others and our reality around us.

The horse provides the open heart space for us to safely enter into, without judgment, without expectations. This type of connecting experience is difficult or often even impossible for us to have with other humans, and this is why we use a Mustang, a Wild horse to be a key component in this session.

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